Walk over bridge to St Pauls Cathedral

What to do in London

London is a great place to visit for a weekend, or even longer if you have the time. As well as the many attractions, there are a number of walking tours to embark on – but what should you do?

Scare yourself silly in the London Dungeons, dine at one of the fine eateries in the city centre, visit the London eye, tour historic sights on foot or alternatively, shop till you drop. Gaining access to the capital is relatively easy and a number of main airports feature just a short train ride away from the main buzz of the city. Other ways to travel to the centre include bus, car or bike (if you’re near enough).


Once you have arrived in the city, you will more than likely need somewhere to stay. With a huge number of hotels to choose from, this may become somewhat of a tricky decision. In order to establish your desired hotel style, it is important to consider a variety of points. Do you wish to reside in an extremely modern environment, or alternatively, something a little more traditional? Do you require a number of amenities nearby and good transport links or do you wish to stay in a quieter area, just outside of the city centre?

Regardless of whether you prefer an up-to-date style or a great location, you can assure there is a hotel establishment to suit your every need. Some of the more contemporary boutique-style hotels showcase quirky bars, on-trend décor and modern furniture.

With so much holiday accommodation on the market, it is important that each and every hotel strives to maintain a certain standard and as such, an individual presence.

Due to this factor alone, a number of designers are constantly striving to create modern furniture masterpieces in order to suit a variety of venues, preferences and styles. This is especially the case when it comes to hotel design and you mean even find styles which you can bring into your own home.

Many of today’s holiday apartments, houses and cottages showcase a modern vibe, which in turn requires a contemporary touch, especially when it comes to the interior assets of the venue in question. Gone are the days of clutter, only to be replaced by smooth lines, creative forms and extraordinary shapes.


Once you have decided on a hotel, you can then begin to map out an itinerary for your trip. This itinerary should include a number of guided walks. Walking around the city is after all the best way to see the sights up close and personal.

Take a trip to the famous Oxford Street, wander the streets of Soho or alternatively, visit some of London’s impressive establishments including that of Somerset House. This magnificent site boasts both art and cultural aspects and is a great day out for the entire family.