London: A city of contrasts

With so many London-based activities available, it can sometimes be a tricky decision to decide what to do first when visiting the capital of England.

From national galleries and museums to cathedrals and historic walks, London is seen as both a popular and cutting edge tourist destination.

If you only intend to spend a small amount of time in the UK capital, it is important to plan each and every activity thoroughly. This will in turn allow you to avoid disappointment. Booking tickets in advance will not only save you money, it will also allow you to avoid lengthy queues. Pre-booked tickets are often featured at a fraction of the price to that of tickets purchased on the day.

If you wish to see all of the main sites offered by London yet fear getting lost, then a number of guided tours may interest you. Such an expedition will allow you to learn of a number of facts surrounding the cities’ major attractions.

Tours and walks are often themed, which makes seeing the city in this manner a little more interesting than that of viewing the cobbled streets, bright lights and well-trampled tourist tracks alone.

The city boasts a huge number of official tourist guides, all of whom are trained and have certified knowledge in the vast London area. Each individual tour guide is able to carry out a number of thought-provoking guided walks.

Depending on the time of year, it is important to prepare for the various English weather conditions. It is always wise to pack a good coat or mac, especially if you intend to visit the city in the winter season. A small backpack or bag will allow you to pack this item away when not in use.

Those that intend to visit London for a short weekend will more than likely book themselves into a nearby hotel. Most will opt for a warm and comforting establishment, which is especially welcomed after a long day pounding the streets.

There are a few things you can pack or request in order to ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible. There is nothing more relaxing than wrapping up in a warm towel after a long hot shower.

Many hotels boast the likes of towel radiators in order to offer a sense of luxury. Such a device will provide ample heat during the cold weather, whilst also keeping towels dry and warm. Guests are able to experience the goodness and warmth of their hotel bathroom, even during the chilly winter months.

With many styles and designs available, such a bathroom fixture is an asset to the interior space and as such, is a common feature in many high-end bathroom spaces today.